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1100 Route 109, Farmingdale 11735, New York

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Our Culture

We’re not just a story of Made in the USA, we’re a story of Made in Maine, where craftsmanship and work ethic is legendary. Our 85,000 sq’ facility is located in Mid Maine. We don’t have fancy digs but we do have state of the art equipment and Maine ingenuity. Inside our humble surroundings, we do one thing and we do it well: we build the finest aluminum truck equipment in the country.

Our Goals

Simply put: to create an efficient manufacturing process that allows us to provide superior aluminum products at pricing that’s competitive with lower quality steel.

Our Team

F3 MFG has a seasoned ownership team with more than 85 years of collective manufacturing experience. Over the last 40 years and numerous businesses, we’ve employed more than 4,000 workers nationwide, with a track record of being a leader in every market segment that we have participated in. From design to operations to sales, we have the team that will deliver what you need to optimize your profits – a hard working body that’s rugged and attractive.

What Drives Us – A Market Revolution

There’s a Market Change going on. We’re excited to participate in a significant market shift in truck equipment- a continued trend away from heavy steel to durable aluminum. While part of that change is driven by higher profit opportunity at the consumer level (better gas mileage, less maintenance on rust repair and repaint, higher payloads, reduced wear and tear on your trucks, better riding trucks, etc.), there seems to be more to it than either environmental responsibility or direct operational profits. With company trucks being a rolling billboard, a good image has become essential as the marketplace becomes more competitive. We build the bodies that save you money AND make you look good.

Our History in This Arena

The transition from Steel to Aluminum is a trend that’s played out in other industries. A large scale example is the recreational trailer market. In 1995, steel dominated the recreational trailer market; less than 10% were built from Aluminum. Today, Aluminum trailers account for more than 40% of all recreational trailers. Our management team drove that change by developing and marketing superior Aluminum trailers that sold at steel prices. Our focused effort resulted in the creation of the largest manufacturer of Aluminum recreational trailers in North America.

In 2009, moving on from trailers, F3 MFG (formerly Magnum Manufacturing) entered the aluminum truck body market. We studied the competition and incorporated the good, tossed the bad and designed solutions our customers were asking for – both then and now. We’re confident that we build the finest aluminum bodies on the market and we will work to be sure you’re entirely satisfied with all of our products. Simply put – “that’s who we are.”

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1100 Route 109, Farmingdale 11735, New York